The Wisteria Sinensis is a very strong and beautiful climber that originated in China and Japan.
It can reach up to 15 metres and can last about a hundred years.

When you plant a Wisteria which has not been grafted, it may take several years to bloom. The grafted ones bloom from the start. Grafted plants can be detected by the visible bulge of the graft union near the base of the stem. The Wisteria may have in addition to its normal flowering in late spring, another small flowering in autumn.

If you want the Wisteria to grow with several trunks it should be left as it comes from the nursery. If you want to guide it through your pergola, you need to leave a single trunk, so that it does not tangle up later. It is ideal for any fence or pergola, to make a cover and shade.

Wisteria likes deep clay soil. In calcareous soils it suffers from lack of iron, so it is necessary to help it by giving it liquid iron. It must be pruned severely in winter, removing stems and pacifiers and in summer every 15 days prune the long stems so that it has strength to continue to flourish. Wisteria plants will dry out quickly, especially in a light or sandy soil, so keep plants well watered, particularly when newly planted and during dry periods.

There are Wisteria with lilac, white or pink flowers which are all beautiful.

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