With all the rescue dogs around, the choice of which dog to adopt is huge. The first thing to consider when deciding to take on an animal is to see if you have enough time and money, as well as do you have room at home for the new pet.

If the answer to these three questions is yes, you will have to think about which kind of dog is the best for your needs. There are numerous positive things about having a dog, not least of which is the fact that you will get fitter if you take your dog for regular walks. This will benefit you not only because you will be getting regular exercise, but it is also a very social event. Dog walkers are renowned for meeting other dog walkers on a regular basis and many find this a good way to meet new people.
Before deciding on which dog or puppy to have, you must bear in mind the following:

What will be the size of the puppy when it is fully grown?

Obviously, it is not the same to feed, transport or go for a walk with a Pekinese as a Saint Bernard. The size of the dog obviously affects the costs of feeding (a giant dog may eat more than one kilo of food a day). If the animal is going to live outside, it is better to choose medium or small sized breeds avoiding tiny dogs such as Pomeranians or Yorkshire Terriers which do not adapt to bad weather.

Do you want a male or a female?

Males may be harder to train, but females, although usually calmer, are in heat twice a year if not sterilized.

Do you want a long haired or short haired dog?

The more fur, the more care is needed to keep the dog looking and feeling good. Daily combs, washing, professional sessions at the hairdresser’s etc are essential for long haired animals. All dogs will moult during the year, so don’t get upset when there is dog hair on the carpet.
Decide on which type of dog you would prefer, but here in Spain there are so many rescue dogs, that apart from size etc, you may choose a dog purely on its nature and not its looks. There are certain races and their crosses which are linked to special legal rules regarding potentially dangerous animals and their owners have to get a specific license to own them. You should know something about the behaviour and features of the dog in which you are interested in advance, so it is recommended to ask your local vets for advice.

Be aware if you live in a flat or on an urbanisation. There are breeds which may be very noisy, so it is important to get information about the rules in the neighbours’ community.
If getting a puppy, try to check out the pet’s parents so you can have an idea of the dog’s future physical and mental features. This is obviously not always possible, but there are certain features like the size of the puppy’s paws which may give some indication of its eventual size.

Whether you decide on a puppy or a fully grown dog, it will give you years of love and devotion. Treat it well and it will remain loyal and faithful to you, but there are certain rules etc about keeping dogs and we will follow this up in next month’s article.

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