Life has a strange habit of throwing us a “curve ball.” We enjoy our routines in life – we’ve been shopping – it must be Friday etc and there are many other routines which come along by which we set our clock and calendar. Then there are those incidents which can and often do disturb the whole routine.

Of course not all the disturbances are negative. The curve balls of life may come with the joyous arrival of a new grandchild or an unexpected award or achievement.
It is however the difficult incidents which cause the most distress and we do not need to get too specific about these do we? The phone rings and it is a family member in some form of distress. We start to look at flights and arranging for someone to look after the dog or the cat and all the time the worry and concern for the problem churns in our hearts.
Where do we turn for help? We have neighbours and friends who will be very sympathetic and there are those who will truly get alongside us and really help. But in times of distress or hardship where do we go? Would you ever consider asking God for help? Some would want to blame God for the predicament but we must remember that God gave mankind freewill and He only responds when invited.

One hymn writer used these words – “Through all the changing scenes of life,in trouble and in joy, the praises of my God shall still my heart and tongue employ”.Whatever the circumstances, the good and the bad we can find comfort and compassion in God. The Bible offers a large amount of help and advice to those in difficulty or need. One of the Psalmists wrote these words, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble”. (Psalm 46 verse 1). Here we are being told that God is all around us – He is ever present. Whenever we need God He is just a prayer away. Now you may be thinking that is easy to say but we at Wellspring Victory Church would love to tell you about our experience with this amazing God.

Why not come along on Sunday and meet people who may have faced circumstances just like you. We would love to share experiences about this amazing God who has come into our lives and brought light out of the darkest places.

We meet in the event room above Trevi Bar at Camposol B every Sunday at 11am. A very warm welcome awaits you and we have time to sit down with and pray intoyour situation.
Do come and join us.