Church is no longer the Church as many of us remember, sitting in rows listening to one person at the front and singing hymns from sheets often with words we didn’t know or understand. Today’s Church as it always has been, is primarily to hear the word of God, but in today’s modern society, added to that is the chance to meet people, spend time in fellowship and sharing in this journey we call life. 

We have plenty of opportunities outside of the Sunday meeting to get together to enjoy time in all sorts of activities and chances to get together to get to know one another and to build friendships. We all have a story to tell and troubled times that needs people by our sides to help us along our way. Our pasts do not determine our future, but they do give us a foundation to build on and support others who are going through similar trials, to enable us to empathise instead of sympathising and to be there to support someone in their time of need.

Wellspring fellowship is based in the heart of the community on Camposol B. We meet every Sunday at 11am above the Trevi Bar. We are a community-based Church in the heart of the community and are here to serve and support not only our congregation, but all those in the local community, from births to bereavements and everything in between. We welcome new people and encourage you to come along and see what we’re all about. We have a strong foundation in the knowledge that God is in control and when we enter into a relationship with Him, we have a constant companion who will never let us down. 

Now we are approaching the end of the summer holidays and the holidaymakers are returning to their home countries, life at Wellspring will continue with our Sunday service and small house groups will come together during the week to give added support and a chance to meet midweek to share the word of God in smaller groups. The summer months are hot and humid and many of us have had family and friends over, adding to the pressure of our everyday life, so the chance to meet likeminded people and to share our troubles is a much-needed respite to break us free from the troubles this world can bring.

The Church is welcoming new people and is increasing in numbers. It is a pleasure to see new faces and to hear their testimonies, as none of us come empty handed we all have a story to tell and our story could just be the answer to someone else’s trial that they are facing at the minute. Your story could be the key that unlocks the door for someone else, to help them see they are not alone. When we come to the Church there is no expectation of how we should be, how we should look, talk or dress. We come to Church to spend time in the presence of God and to learn His ways toward finding a blessed and joyful life. The community areas in Camposol are there to give us a chance to get out and meet people and to make new friends. The Church is no different. It encourages people to support each other in friendship, to rejoice in times of gladness and to grieve in times of bereavement. 

We stand as a pillar in the community, a place of safe haven and welcoming place for all. Why don’t you come along?  You may be surprised at what you find.