Hooray! It’s the end of the silly season!

It’s the beginning of September and most of us will be delighted that the temperature has started to ease off back to more acceptable levels. Most of the holiday makers have gone back to Madrid or Murcia or wherever they came from and once again there is room to move on the Paseo and in our favourite shops and restaurants. The owners of bars, cafes and restaurants etc will be adding up the summer takings and calculating if they made enough to see them through to next year.

Now though, as the nights start to draw in a little and a semblance of quiet returns, many of us will start to take stock and adjust our lives back to a more settled routine. It’s a process we all go through at various times of the year and we adjust our habits according to the season.

Perhaps it is like that with all our lives over the decades. We thought differently when our children were little – we spent more time fitting in around their activities. Then as they grew older and left home, we adjusted our habits to the new season in our lives with more free time and no demands on mum or dad’s taxi.

There came a point when we made that life-changing decision to retire to Spain and started to live a new dream. 

As September moves on, we will come out of our summer hibernation and start to live again. Perhaps as you take stock of what has happened in the past three months of almost endless heat and prepare for the cooler season, is it time to take stock of the more important things in life?

Every now and again life throws a reminder to us that there is more to live for; more to be ready for in the new life which is waiting for each and every one of us.

How many of us have looked at our situations and thought – “There must be more to life than this”?

No matter how content your life may seem; no matter how peaceful things have been; everybody wonders at some point – “Is there more to life than this?”

At Wellspring Church, we believe the words of Jesus where in the Gospel of John chapter 10 He says; “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”

Here the word ‘thief’ is another disguise for the devil who would want to rob us of all that is good in life and Jesus responds by saying He came that we might have life; not only life, but life to the full.

Are you wanting to find out if there is more to this life than what you already have?

Has the enemy stolen from you and left you in a darker, more lonely place?

If the answer to this is ‘yes’, then why not join a group of people who have discovered Jesus for themselves? Jesus has given them a greater sense of purpose and a certainty in their lives which will take them safely into the life to come.

Wellspring Church meets every Sunday at 11am in Puerto de Mazarrón. We are in the ground floor of the first apartment block at Casasol just one street above El Alcolar.

Perhaps it is time to take stock.

You will be very welcome.