5 Reasons Not To Go To Church 

  • It’s boring
  • The hymns are ancient
  • It’s not relevant to me
  • I’ve survived well without it
  • They just sit in rows and listen

No doubt you could add more to this list. Ask anyone why they don’t go to Church and at least one of these reasons will occur, plus one or two more of their own specific reasons.

It may be that you have been to Church once or twice over the years – weddings, funerals, christenings or suchlike. These do tend to follow a traditional format and in fact some would complain if they didn’t! On that basis it is not uncommon for people to think that all Church services are of the same format – you sit, you listen, you stand, you sing, you give some money, you leave. Sermons are long and complicated and the speaker has a monotone delivery on a topic you either don’t understand or consider to be irrelevant.

It’s no wonder so many people don’t go to Church, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Church can be lively and enjoyable – indeed that is what it should be!

Wellspring Church Is Breaking The Mould

We don’t sing boring old hymns; we sing modern worship songs with the occasional lovely hymn perhaps to a more modern tune. 

Church is relevant to you and me. The Bible tells us that Jesus died to bring us all into a right relationship with God and we celebrate being in this wonderful relationship with God through Jesus. Perhaps you have survived all these years, but as you think back, there will be times when some extra help would have been much appreciated.

Finally, as we reprise the points at the start of this message, we have some shocking news for you!

We don’t sit in rows! Can you believe it? Don’t all Churches sit in rows? Haven’t they always done that?

The reality is that for the first 300 years, the early Church had never thought of sitting in rows and now Wellspring Church has wound that clock back 1,800 years and we sit around tables often with a coffee or a cold drink in front of us.

Does That Sound Like Church To You?

Just to be a bit more radical, on Sunday 10th October Wellspring Church will be celebrating fifteen years of Sunday worship and this will take the form of Café Church. Imagine yourself in a local bar or coffee shop, sitting around a table with some friends enjoying a coffee. This is just what we intend to do. There will be free coffee and cake and in a very informal atmosphere we will sing some well-known songs and hear some very short words from the bible. The meeting won’t drag on ‘ad nauseam’; it will be designed to be short sweet and hopefully leaving you wanting more!

Does That Sound Like Church To You?

Church is a place to worship the King of kings and Lord of lords. It’s a place to get to know Jesus and discover what He can do in your life.

In this very informal setting of Café Church we hope to bring you a flavour of what Church really can be like.

5 Reasons To Go To Church

  • It’s exciting
  • The people there are really friendly
  • The service is modern and enjoyable
  • They sit in an informal way
  • You can meet with Jesus

If you would like to try Café Church, why not join us on Sunday 10th October? We meet in the room above Trevi Bar, Camposol B at 11am and we will provide a free coffee or cold drink and cakes. For more information phone Duncan on 607 382 033