Time goes by so quickly. Just a couple of weeks ago Wellspring Church was celebrating their fifteen years’ anniversary. Where does the time go to?

For many of us, we sit back and reflect and only too often it would appear the years have slipped by with us hardly noticing. When we think of the age of our grandchildren, we often need to add on a few years because we have had a lapse of memory.

As we look back over these fifteen years we realise a lot has happened.  We started in Bolnuevo and soon moved to Puerto de Mazarrón. Now we are settled in our new home on Camposol B where we meet each Sunday at 11am in the room above the Trevi Bar.

Anniversaries are wonderful things, aren’t they? They remind us of good times and bad; happy times and sad times. Each year we celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and these can be sad times when we remember loved ones no longer with us.

In a few days’ time we will gather in the Peace Garden on Camposol A to give thanks for all those who gave their lives for us in one of the many wars over the past hundred and more years. As we gather at this Memorial Service Of Remembrance, we will give thanks for all those brave men and women who gave their lives selflessly. Our two minute silence will be a poignant reminder of the horror of war and a silent prayer to God for peace in the years to come.

Peace is something we all chase after throughout our lives. Sometimes we have to be peacemakers in our families and sometimes we need peacemakers in our own lives. Real peace isn’t just when a conflict ends no matter whether it is between two individuals, or two world power groups. Real peace comes when the cause of the problem is resolved.

In the Bible in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 5 we read of Jesus talking to His disciples in a message we know as the Sermon on the Mount. In verse 9 we read Jesus saying “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Throughout our lives we have seen the need for peacemakers, whether it be in a major conflict between nations, disputes between workers and employers, or a family in turmoil over some dispute. Life, it seems, often needs someone to come between the feuding parties. The world has put in place organisations such as United Nations to act as peacemakers. Industry and governments have organisations to step in and negotiate and there are marriage counsellors for domestic issues. How do we find peace in our hearts when there is so much conflict about? 

As we read earlier Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers”, referring to those who would step between parties in disagreement, but we also know from our Bibles that the greatest peacemaker of all is Jesus himself.

When we invite Jesus into our hearts and fully trust Him in all circumstances then we start to enter into the “Peace which passes all understanding.”

Have you had memories which still hurt?

Are you still in an unresolved conflict with someone?

Does the passing of a loved one still pull at your heartstrings whenever you remember them?

Wellspring Church invites you to come along to one of their meetings and start on the road to true peace by inviting Jesus into the situation.

We would be delighted to see you any Sunday 11am above the Trevi Bar.