Over the centuries hymn writers have left us a great legacy of hymns that we love and cherish. Of the thousands and thousands that were written, many have fallen away, but some remain and have become established as part of our worship and praise in our Churches and in various commemorative services.

Perhaps the writers were inspired by the events of the day. Over the past weeks we have seen many glorious sunsets over this area and it is easy to see where inspiration can come from. One such hymn is “The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended”. The words go like this:
The day thou gave us Lord is ended
The darkness falls at thy behest
To Thee our morning hymns ascended
Thy praise shall sanctify our rest.

This hymn has been sung at so many funerals, special events and the like when we want just to express our thanks to God that He’s been with us through the day. If we follow the hymn through, we will see the words take the sun from one country to another as it circuits the world until it arrives back to start another new day here.

God is with us every day and we ought to take time to stop, think and reflect on the goodnes

s of God in all that He has done for us and all He is doing with us.
In these difficult COVID times, let us take time to stop and think of the goodness of God. There are very few things that are certain in this world right now. We don’t know from one day to the next what the situation will be.

Will we be able to meet in groups of two or six or ten?
Will the shops be open?
Will we need to continue wearing our masks?
All these things have happened in the last six months and we can’t be certain if they will happen again. The one certain thing is that each day night will fall and one day will follow another.

As we come to the end of each day, let us gives thanks to the Creator of the universe. Let us give thanks to the One who is really in charge of everything. Let us acknowledge God for the great God that He is.
Our Sunday services have been disrupted – we can’t meet in our regular building. It is difficult to meet in groups of more than six and many have been fearful of meeting in crowded areas, but as Christians we have always had a desire to meet with and to thank God for His love for us.

We could have rested back, given in, resigned ourselves to not meeting, but there is a desire in each of us at Wellspring not to give in, not to say “We’ll start again when all this is over.”

Our Church, like thousands of others worldwide, is very much alive.
We have embraced new technology and each week we meet online with our YouTube services.

As sure as the sun rises each morning and sets each evening, so we have felt the need to continue to give thanks to the One who made it all.
Do you need to find new inspiration for your life?
In the midst of COVID, have you been asking questions?
Do you feel the need to thank God for the life He has given you?

We can’t invite you to join us at our Church building on a Sunday, but we can invite you to join with us on YouTube. Search for Wellspring Sunday followed by the date and you should find us. If you can’t, then give us a ring and we will guide you to the right place.