When this Covid-19 pandemic has died away, there will be time for many people to sit back and weigh up the good and the bad, the pros and the cons.

By the time you read this, Spain will have been eight weeks in lockdown and we can only hope and pray that the end is in sight. Of course, that is what most people have been doing – hoping it will soon be over, but also many people have been praying for an end to this also.

There have, of course, been some severe effects across the world, with over one hundred thousand deaths worldwide. On a more personal and local level, we couldn’t get to all the shops we wanted to. Those who had jobs here in Spain, work was restricted and possibly worst of all holiday trips and family visits were cancelled and we couldn’t socialise with our friends.

On the bright side, we had time to sit and reflect and we probably didn’t spend as much money as normal – can you remember the last time you bought fuel for your car?

As I said, it was a time to hope and pray. I wonder how many people took time to seek God in all of this. There will be those who think it was all God’s fault – even those who don’t believe in God will have been down this route more than once. At Wellspring Church, we don’t believe this virus was brought on by God, but that God is looking for people who will turn to him for help in the midst of adversity.

This pandemic has caused us to look to new ways to keep in touch with people. As a church, we have developed a Whatsapp group and we have been able to send messages of encouragement, a few light-hearted sessions of banter amongst the group and encourage one another to pray for those around the world who have been ill. We also held our church services online. We pre-recorded these and broadcast them on Youtube each Sunday morning. It is quite amazing, but we managed to double our regular Sunday numbers, as people from around the world joined in.

Easter weekend was especially different.

We love to meet together on Easter Sunday and celebrate the resurrection of the Saviour of the world, but this year we did it from our own homes, joining in the singing and watching as familiar faces shared an encouraging word. The response was amazing, as people were touched in their hearts by this simple service.

Has God been speaking to you during this time of lockdown?

Have you had a desire in your heart to know more about this Jesus who died to bring us new life?

If you want to know more, then please get in touch.

By the time you read this we pray the end of lockdown will be in sight and if you would like to join us in one of our final video services, there is a link on our webpage wellspringvictorychurch.com or send an email to

admin@wellspringvictorychurch.com for someone to contact you.