Wow!! Tuesday 2nd April saw our most recent fund-raising event when we set out to raise money to buy computers for a Children’s Home in Kisumu, Kenya.

Let us share some history with you.
A number of years ago an orphanage in Kenya was running into difficulties. Their funding was drying up and cash was very tight. The home ran on a day to day financial basis with little money to buy clothes, pay staff and sometimes even unable to give the children a meal every day.

The plight of the home came to the attention of Dr Hazel Hill, the mission’s director of Victory Churches International (VCI) in Canada. After some negotiation it was agreed in 2013 that the home should transfer to VCI and things started to improve. Little by little new finances started to arrive and the children were guaranteed food every day and had new clothes to wear. Staff were being paid and new staff recruited. The home houses up to 200 children – mainly orphans, but also some from extremely poor families. Some local children also attend the home’s school. The school has made substantial improvements in its education standards and is steadily climbing the ratings list and is destined to become one of the best schools in the area.

From the outset the needs were considerable. Buildings needed renovation, equipment needed replacing, or even bought for the first time. Funds from around the world are helping to make the necessary changes. One of the aims of the home is to give children life skills and to this end there is a well established programme training the boys in carpentry, mechanical and building skills. We have been able to raise money to buy a specialist woodworking machine for one department and to buy a second hand motor bike which the boys strip down and learn to rebuild.

It has been said that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day; if you give a man a fishing rod you feed him for life. That is why we at Wellspring always look for a specific project to fundraise for.

Then we were asked the question – “What are you doing to support the girls?”

The evening we hosted was specifically to buy computers so the girls can learn office skills which will help them obtain work when they leave school. What a great evening we had! Five acts gave their time free of charge and over 120 people gathered at Camposol Golf Club for a fabulous evening’s entertainment. We started our evening with El Divo style Spanish tenor Pepe, followed by Sharna. Matt Black was next and our ABBA Tribute led by Michelle preceded our final act; Martyn Ross. We set out with a target of buying three computers for the home. We raised €1,200 and with a little help from the church we will buy three computers.

A very big thank you to all who took part, to all who attended and to all at the Golf Club for hosting the event.

Everyone went home delighted – and only one complaint – “Why was it coming to an end?” – well it was 11.30pm and we still needed to tidy up and go home to our beds!