Despite all the difficulties of the past year – and yes, this March will be the anniversary of the first real evidence of Coronavirus or COVID-19 with the lockdown here in Spain – there are some things which just progress through time as ‘normal’. As you go into various shops you see the changes in the items being promoted. Christmas was being taken off the shelves before the end of the year, Cadbury Crème eggs were on display and now St Valentine’s Day cards have been put away until next year.
What’s next?
Easter is just around the corner and by the time you read this we will be well into Lent and the beginning of April will bring Easter 2021.

Here we are in Lent.
Did you decide to give up something for Lent? Many people whether of a Christian Faith or not, choose to give up something for the Lent period and perhaps some want to continue this even after Lent finishes.
What is Lent?
For Christians, it is a time of preparation. It’s a time of reflection and a time to prepare ourselves for Easter.
What are we preparing ourselves for?
As Christians we are so grateful to God for our salvation. We are grateful that we were rescued from the consequences of our wrongdoing and the knowledge that Jesus went through all the trauma of life and death on earth in order that He could go to Heaven and prepare a place for us to join Him in the presence of God Almighty.
During Lent we can reflect on the teachings of Jesus; that He came to live on this earth, not as an earthly king with all the trappings of wealth that comes with that. Jesus was born into a lowly stable and lived with working class parents so that many could identify with Him. We can see that as He started His earthly ministry He was mocked and ridiculed, not only by some of the public, but also by the rulers and leaders.
Jesus had a popular message for many people bringing healing from all sorts of illnesses as well as deliverance from demons and evil spirits. Sadly many of these people followed just because He was popular and they would turn away when the glamour faded.

What about you?
Have you ever followed Jesus and then turned away when the glitter lost its sparkle, or have you always walked with those who would scoff and mock or condemn Him?

Perhaps Lent 2021 is a time for reflection; a time to reconsider the evidence of a God who loves us so much that He sent His Son to be a sacrifice that we might have eternal life. There are many who have taken Jesus to court and have Him tried only to find the real evidence shows Him to be who He said He was.

One man who set out to prove the Bible stories were just that – stories. It was in the late 1800’s that Frank Morrison, an intellectual and author from Stratford upon Avon, decided to examine the facts. His search for reality finally brought him to the conclusion that the Bible stories were real; that Jesus did live the life the Bible says He did and that there is a path to salvation and God’s heavenly home by committing our lives to following Jesus.

Will you take time during this Lent period to examine the facts and allow Jesus into your life?

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