It can’t have escaped your notice that the nights are getting shorter and the days are getting warmer. Every day another minute or two is added to the daylight hours and the clocks will leap forward into Summer Time. Spring is very much under way. We’ve seen the wonderful displays of the almond and fruit trees and the wild flowers are in abundant glory. The temperature reaches a new high as the season progresses. There is something wonderful about the arrival of Spring. It brings promises of new hope, new life and a return to the warmer days when we don’t need to be encumbered with heavy coats etc. Are you ready for the warmer weather? The warm, heavy clothes will soon be packed away and the lighter tops and shorts will be brought from their winter hibernation and we will enjoy the sun reaching parts of our bodies hidden during the colder months we long to put behind us.

Another month and we will be thinking of Easter and all the hope and expectation that that brings. The promise of new life and new hope of Spring fills our hearts with eager expectation and the promise of the Easter soon to come is no different. As Christians we look forward to all that Easter brings. It was wonderful to celebrate the birth of our Saviour at Christmas, but we always knew it was just the beginning. It was just the promise of the best yet to come. Christmas and Easter are inextricably linked. There can be no Easter without Christmas and there is no need for Christmas if Easter doesn’t follow. We are now in the waiting time for Easter. We can look back at Christmas and thank God that He sent Jesus to this earth and look forward to the new life that Easter brings.
There is new life all around; new flowers, new bird song, new warmth in the air we breathe and there is this wonderful promise of new life that Jesus brings to our spirits.

We believe that Jesus came in the cold dark times of lives and He came with the promise of new life. As Jesus grew into a man and began His ministry here on earth He brought revelation of God the Father that the world had never seen before. He told of things never before heard of and He brought us the promise of eternal life in the presence of the King of kings.

The new growth around us in the fields and the warmth in the air tells us of new things to come. Spring speaks of Easter and Easter speaks of New Life in knowing the creator of the world.
Are you ready for New Life?
Do you want more than just the warmth of the sun on your back this year?
New Life is all around us and Jesus is reaching out with a promise of Eternal Life in knowing Him and the Creator Father.
At Wellspring Church we want to tell you about the New Life that we have found and the spring-like step it has brought to our lives. Jesus didn’t just come at Christmas as a little baby to be celebrated; He came as King of kings to walk this earth and bring news of New Life to all who will seek Him.

The warmth of Spring is here and the New Life of trusting Jesus is waiting for you. Are you ready to find Him?

Wellspring Church has a long term commitment to support a Children’s Home in Kisumu, Kenya. On 2nd April we are holding a fund raising concert at The Golf Club, Camposol. Tickets are available from any member of Wellspring Church, by calling Duncan on 607 382 033 or paying on the door.