Just over seventy years ago King George VI died in his sleep at the young age of 56. His daughter Elizabeth was on holiday in Kenya when she received the news and immediately flew back to England to take up her new role as Queen, not only of the United Kingdom but of the British Commonwealth as well.

For seventy years Queen Elizabeth has been fully committed to her role and has served her country and commonwealth diligently.

Of course, there have been mistakes but then that is only natural. It would be hard to imagine anyone living to the age of ninety-six years and not making a few mistakes along the way.

History has given us a number of Kings and Queens who have been notable rulers and our minds may turn to the Biblical King David who ruled over Israel and Judah about one thousand years before the birth of Jesus.

David, too, was a great King and in the main he ruled the nation with wisdom and fairness but it has to be said he didn’t always get it right. If you’re not sure about this then read the story of Bathsheba in the book of 2 Samuel chapter 23.

Elizabeth, like David, loves the Lord her God and throughout her seventy years on the throne she has remained committed to serving the King of kings and the nations she serves to the full extent of her ability.

It comes as no surprise to find that not everyone is a fully committed supporter of royalty but even the most ardent cynic must admit she has worked tirelessly in serving her people. Now in her mid-nineties and with life restricting mobility issues she continues to do all she can for the nation she loves.

Commitment is such a big thing, isn’t it? We look for it and even expect it in others but how often are we prepared to offer the same level of commitment as we expect to receive?

The Bible urges us to love one another. 

That is, we are expected to look out for one another’s wellbeing, to give help when others are in danger or suffering, to bring care and help when others are sick. We won’t always like everyone we meet but we are asked to show love towards them.

The Queen has shown amazing love to her nation and whilst she may have had to deal with a good many people she may not have liked, she continues to show love to all. 

At the time of writing this, the celebrations of the jubilee are drawing close and we at Wellspring Church say a big thank you to Queen Elizabeth for all you have done over the past seventy years and pray that you will continue in the best possible health in the years to come

God save the Queen