Do you feel secure?

As the memory of those long queues at the Sports Pavilion in Mazarrón fade and we are fully recovered from any side effects of the vaccine, the question is; Do you feel secure?

For around fifteen months we have been told where we can go, when we can go, who we can go with, what face covering we must wear, how often we must wash our hands etc. Now the restrictions are slowly coming to an end, almost everyone has had two doses of the vaccine and that thought of ‘normal’ that we have yearned for over the past year is about to pop its head over the parapet. Do you feel secure?

The return to what most people feel is ‘normal’ is now only a few weeks away. We’ll be able to jump on board an aircraft and visit loved ones again and not just chat on WhatsApp, Zoom etc, but the reality of a real tangible hug from grandchildren is actually going to happen. It’s hard to imagine that anyone will not be delighted but; Do you feel secure?

Over the past fifteen months many have felt a great threat of insecurity. It’s safer to remain indoors rather than risk exposure, but now the freedom of the past is returning – it’s becoming reality!

Perhaps now is a good time to ask “Where does my security lie?” Four thousand years ago the Psalmist, wrote a psalm which began with the words:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from?

Where did his help come from? Could it have been from the hills that surrounded them as they walked on towards Jerusalem?

The second verse gives us this reassuring answer:

My help comes from the Lord – the Maker of heaven and earth.

The parallel today is that our help doesn’t come from COVID rules and regulations, or a return to an imaginary ‘normal’. Our real help, our true source of reliable, practical help comes from the Lord and just to reaffirm how reliable this source of help is, the Psalmist defines Him as the Maker of heaven and earth.

If we are feeling insecure in all that has happened and is happening, then it is time to look away from rules and regulations. It is time to stop trying to resolve this issue in our own strength and look up beyond the hills to the Maker of heaven and earth. The one true source of reliability lies in the one who made it all in the first place. Of course, there will be those who say all this COVID nonsense is God’s fault, but rational thinking tells us it’s a result of the world we live in and how we’ve made it. God must often look on the state of the world and, with a tear in His eye, call His Son Jesus to His side and ask Him “How long before they turn away from the thinking of that fallen world and look to me for their help and security?”

As Christians, everyone at Wellspring Church has found great security in God and His Son Jesus to walk with us through all the difficulties of the past year. We have had to follow the same rules and restrictions as everybody else, but we have been able to do this with the security of walking hand in hand with The Maker of Heaven and Earth.

At the time of writing, we still meet online every Sunday. You can join us by logging on to and following the link there.