It seems to be a great British tradition to complain about the weather and this year has certainly given us many opportunities to indulge in this pastime. The year got off to what seemed to be a very wet start and this continued until May. Those wet days didn’t appeal to too many people and it wasn’t unusual to hear people say, “This isn’t what I came to Spain for.” However, the plants in the nearby fields and wasteland didn’t complain. They just soaked up the water and started to grow.

Now maybe for the first time in many years, some of our members are suffering from hay fever. For some it was the first time ever and for others it’s the first time it has affected them so badly in Spain. The grass pollen for many has meant staying indoors as much as possible. However, even if we can’t go outside and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, we can still see it through our windows as even the plants in our gardens have grown and blossomed spectacularly.

It’s coming up to sixteen years since Wellspring Church was founded and right from the start the key words for our fledgling church were, “Growing together in God.” Like the plants in our gardens, it is such a joy to see people blossoming, growing to know God more and beginning to do things that years ago they never thought possible.

The times and seasons of Church life are a bit like the weather. We think we know what ought to happen in the seasons of individual lives and the seasons of corporate church life, but, like the weather, it doesn’t always conform. We see times of great happiness and times of deep sorrow.

There have also been times of great challenge and the recent pandemic certainly tested us. As with any previously unheard-of phenomena we embarked on a journey into the unknown. We were metaphorically locked in our homes, our Church was closed and we had no idea how long this would last or what we should do. We quickly learned how to hold a pre-recorded service online and we can happily report that this kept the Church together.  Now, just like the weather, things have changed and a new season has begun with our people meeting each Sunday in the Event Room above the Trevi Bar, Camposol B. Like our gardens, the Church is blossoming again and new growth is happening. New people have joined our fellowship and we see new growth sprouting up.

Our God is concerned with the big picture for Spain and whilst we may not always appreciate the weather we are sent week by week, we know that God has the whole creation in His hands. So it is with Church life. There are those wondrously glorious times when we can celebrate together and there those times of great distress when a tragedy strikes one or more of our family. We know that come rain or shine, God is with us every step of our way and whilst not everything seems to go our way, we know there is an ultimate purpose for everything.

Everyone at Wellspring Victory Church holds out a warm hand of friendship to all who wish to join us and find the peace which God offers.

Why not come along one Sunday at 11am in the Event Room at Trevi Bar? We will be very pleased to see you.