Have you ever stopped and wondered – is there a God?  Did Jesus live and die for me? Do you want to know more – to have your questions answered?

There’s an old teaching in the church dating back to the 1600’s and a lot of it existed in question and answer form.

The first question asked is What is the chief end of man?
The answer is: Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. 

Wellspring Church met for the first time on Camposol a couple of weeks ago and we were all of one mind – we came to worship God, to give Him glory and to thank Him for all He has done for us.

COVID has changed many things in the past fifteen months. ‘Normal’ will never be the same again. For Wellspring Church, the change has been epic. Just a few months ago we heard the voice of God telling us to leave our safe comfortable home in Puerto de Mazarrón and start a new journey looking for a new home. COVID restrictions had prohibited us from meeting together and the building had been unused for over a year, so earlier this year we gave notice to our landlady, moved out all our belongings, and handed back the keys.

We learned about Abraham leaving his home in the city of Ur and setting off to an unknown destination God called the Promised Land. We prayed and deliberated where our new home would be. On Sunday 13th June all our deliberations and searching came to an end when we met in the room above The Trevi Bar. Our worship was God-centred and we enjoyed the time together as we sang (with masks of course!) and gave glory to God.

There were testimonies of how we had adapted to life under the restrictions, but the things we learned brought us closer together as a Church and although we couldn’t physically see one another, we kept in touch through WhatsApp and watching our online services.

This is what Church is about; people coming together, supporting one another and giving glory to God. One lady decided to join our number during lockdown. She couldn’t come to ‘church’ as there were no services, but she joined in everything and in one discussion on Church she said; “It’s not about a building, it’s about people – we are the Church.”

How right she was! Church isn’t about a building. It’s certainly not about ornate gold decorations etc. The Church is about people; people like you; people who join together, whether physically or through modern technology with the intention of worshipping God and giving Him glory – that’s the Church!

The Church of God meets all over the world in all sorts of places – some online – some in a secret room – some will even use a large building, but wherever they meet, their purpose will be to glorify God, to give thanks for His Son Jesus and celebrate the new life found through Him.

Do you know this God, this Jesus?

Is there something in your heart that wants to know more?

Wellspring Church will be meeting every Sunday at 11am at Trevi Bar, Camposol B. We will be delighted to see you and to invite you to join us in worship, thanksgiving and praise.

If you want to know what our services are like, log on to www.wellspringvictorychurch.com and click on one of the links there.