As the COVID-19 pandemic draws towards a close, at least here in Spain, we are starting to think about the future and perhaps reflect on what has happened over the past three to four months.

One of the things that has caught many by surprise, especially those of us who are nearer seventy than twenty, is how we have had to embrace technology to keep ourselves entertained, keep in touch with loved ones and for some to still attend Church.

Twelve months ago, hardly anyone had heard of holding a video conference, or chat via Zoom and we could just about manage a video call using WhatsApp or Messenger. Now the world is buzzing with messages and chats and the really clever people are putting together concerts performed by dozens of people, all in their own isolated homes.

Last week we watched a Zoom (or similar) production of The Blessing. You can find it on YouTube as ‘The UK Blessing’. Here you will see more than fifty people joining together and singing the words from the Old Testament in Numbers 6:24-26

 “The Lord bless you
and keep you;
 The Lord makes his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;

The Lord turn his face towards you
and give you peace.”

The video ends with the statement; The Buildings May Be Closed

But The Church Is Alive.

To many watching this video, a tear or two will have formed in the eye and perhaps a lump in the throat. To say that the Church is alive is so very true. For more than three months, Wellspring Church doors have remained firmly closed, but we can happily report that the Church is alive. We have remained in contact through WhatsApp and phone calls. We’ve held weekly prayer meetings and every Sunday, up to one hundred people from as far away as Australia have joined our online worship service.

We have had to learn how to edit videos and do all sorts of technical stuff and the end result is that our worldwide friends who visit occasionally have been able to join our regular attendees in our services.  As you read this, we are ready to come out of lockdown and subject of course to any last minute changes, we are planning to open Wellspring Church on 5th July when we will join together and give thanks to our wonderful Lord that we have been kept safe all this time and we will of course remember the families of those who have lost loved ones during this time.

There will be lots of opportunities for people to rejoice and give testimony over the goodness of God during this difficult time. There will be the joy of seeing familiar faces again joining together in worship and we invite you to join us – yes we will observe the requirements of social distancing, but we will stand together in the presence of the One who crosses the distancing boundaries and greets each one of us with a familiar hug.

If you have been challenged to come closer to God during this lockdown time, why not come and join us? Please check our website for full details