They are a bit like buses, aren’t they?
It seems like weeks can pass by when no-one you know has a birthday and then all of a sudden three come along all together.

It’s been a bit like that in our church this past month. In just one week we had three people reach the age of 75 – of course that is not really all that old these days and especially so when most of our friends are retired.
Birthdays are a reminder of our increasing years and they can be sad reminders of a dear friend who is no longer with us, but would have had a birthday today.

How do you look on birthdays?
Is it a time of great celebration; an opportunity to meet up with friends for a special lunch or a couple of drinks, or do you try to forget and pretend that you are still 21?

Whatever our outlook and our own personal desires, birthdays are a fact of life. Yes, it is just a date on the calendar, but it is the date when the year counter clicks up to the next level and sad to say there is no way to stop it.

Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect on the years that have sped by so quickly. Perhaps they cause us to feel sad over the missed opportunities, but better still an opportunity to remember the good times and the happy times that life has given us.

At Wellspring Church we celebrate birthdays for all our family and friends. We often have that special lunch and remember the good times and look forward to many more to come. Now there’s the problem. How many more to come? What happens next? Are you ready?

Just a few weeks ago we celebrated the life of a very dear friend in the church. We were able to give thanks for the eighty plus birthdays he had celebrated and greater still we were able to rejoice in the fact that he knew Jesus our Saviour and he is now dancing with the angels and worshipping His creator for all eternity.

It would be easy to become morbid and dwell on our impending doom, but once in a while we have to face reality. We will one day all face our last day and the question is “Will we be dancing with the angels?”

Just recently a group from church has been looking at the Book of Revelation; one of the most difficult books in the Bible to understand. There is great promise for the believers and for the non-believers…

Birthdays are a time to celebrate, but also a time to ponder. Have you made peace with God? Are you ready for the time when the final birthday arrives? Maybe when your next birthday comes along, or the birthday of a dear departed friend, you will take time to consider where you will spend an eternity of birthdays.

At Wellspring Church we believe that Jesus died for each and every one of us to ensure that we spend an eternity of birthdays celebrating with God the Father. If you want to know more about Jesus, why not join us one Sunday at 11am? You will be very welcome and we will be delighted to tell you more.