In The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – CS Lewis introduces the land of Narnia where it’s ‘Always winter but never Christmas’.

The current pandemic of COVID-19 seems to be having that effect on many of us. At the time of writing, the restrictions in Spain make it difficult to travel beyond our local community and the restrictions in various parts of the UK make travel there arduous because of the need to quarantine.

In our calendar, Christmas is just a few weeks away and many people are
beginning to wonder what, if anything, they will be able to do to celebrate.
Television news and newspapers would have us all believe that Christmas is
going to be cancelled this year; it’s going to be a disaster; the shops won’t
be open; no presents for the kids.

Is it really true? Will it really not be happening?

Christmas is a major event in the Christian calendar and the press and
television reporters will not be able to stop Christians around the world giving thanks for the birth of our Saviour. Services will take place, even if they are pre-recorded and online, but the celebration of Jesus’ birth will not go unnoticed.

Of course Christmas brings back memories and many will remember loved ones who have passed away, not just in the past year, but in many years gone by. To this we must add the sadness of not seeing family and friends who would normally travel to be with us at Christmas, or those to whom we would travel and visit.

The current regulations in Mazarrón have meant that we must make
some difficult decisions and our Carol Singing in bars and open spaces in Camposol and Condado have been cancelled. However, we will be producing a Carol Singing Service online and we will be holding an Advent Special to lead up to the most beautiful time of the year. We want to make our service this year really special. We won’t be able to stand in numbers outside cafés and bars to sing, but we will be able to bring a great message with Christmas Carols, Poems & Bible Readings which will present
the true meaning of Christmas.

One thing different we would like to do this year is to remember people we will miss this Christmas. As part of our online services we would like to remember family and friends who can’t be with us and mention them in our prayers. If you would like us to remember those who will be missed
this year in our prayers, send an email to admin@wellspringvictorychurch.
com and we will include as many as possible.

Our first online Christmas Special will be available on YouTube no later
than 14th December and you can find it by searching YouTube Wellspring
Mazarron Advent.

There will also be a full and possibly quiet Traditional Carol Service on Christmas Eve and a short service on Christmas Morning.

Christmas is NOT CANCELLED

We will do everything we can to sing out to the world the joy of celebrating
the birth of our Saviour.
Do you know Jesus as your personal Saviour? We invite you to join us online each Sunday for our online service.
Here you will find songs of our faith, a celebration of Holy Communion and
the sharing of God’s word.
You can follow us online every Sunday by logging on to YouTube and
searching for Wellspring Sunday 6th December 2020. (Change the
date for the most recent service.)
We believe Christmas to be a time of great joy and as we celebrate, we pray
that you too will find joy in