Have you invited everybody?

The time for parties and celebrations is just around the corner. There’s lots of planning to do, lists to make, invites to send. Christmas is a wonderful time for most people; sending cards perhaps with the annual newsletter and then receiving cards and more news to catch up on. Then the panic – did we send them a card – can you remember?

Soon the party planning needs to start and the Christmas lunch needs to be sorted; perhaps another list or two. The questions fly back and forth – did we invite Kath and Fred – should we invite Helen and Jim – what about the new couple who moved in up the road? Will we have enough chairs? Will some people be happy to stand? Can we borrow a few more glasses? So it goes on. The planning and the list-making with changes made on a seemingly endless basis – and the inevitable question did we invite everyone?

Christmas is a really special time. We’ll hear from people we thought had forgotten us. The grandkids will be excited and they will have their lists ready whenever we ask. Toys we’ve never heard of will be on the list and gadgets we didn’t think existed will be a priority, but the question remains – did we invite everybody?

This special time of year is called Christmas and that’s for a very special reason. The clue is in the name – it’s the Mass or celebration of the birth of Jesus. Yes, it’s not just ‘party time’ it’s a time to remember that Jesus – the Son of God – was born 2,000 years ago in a stable in Bethlehem. A stable? Yes, the Son of God left the splendour of heaven to enter this world in a humble stable; no fancy trimmings; no staff to wait on Him hand and foot; just his mother Mary and father Joseph. 

He came into an everyday world to be brought up in an everyday family so he could identify with you and me. He went to parties. In fact one of the first recorded public events he attended was the wedding at Cana. 

He came into an ordinary world with an extraordinary message. He came to tell of the love of God for all mankind. He came to make a way to The Creator of the World through His death and resurrection. He came to restore relationships with God for each and every one of us.

Have you invited everybody?

Have you decided to make room for Jesus this Christmas?

No extra chair needed at the table.

No extra food or drink required.

Will you make time for Jesus this Christmas?

We at Wellspring Church would like to invite you to join us this Christmas. We’re singing Carols sharing some Christmas thoughts on Camposol and Condado this year. You are invited.

9th December at Alley Palais, Camposol B with Carol Singing followed by two further concerts on

15th December on Condado – Christmas Concert

18th December on Camposol D – Christmas Concert

These events celebrate the birth of Jesus in a traditional way, but also with a few new items. We want you to come – you are invited!

Sunday 22nd December our service will be our traditional Church Carol Service with a grand collection of traditional Christmas Carols and a timely seasonal word. Once again – you are invited!

On behalf of everyone at Wellspring Church we wish you a Very Happy Christmas and may you find His peace and Joy at this special time.