When you are younger the journey of life seems to stretch forever in front of you. As you get older the horizon, instead of being a lifetime away, appears just over the hill. It’s at this point that you start to wonder what is around the corner. Some would say that a few more steps and you will be ‘over the hill’ on a downward spiral to the grave.

Life is full of choices as we make plans and if we make the wrong choice the plans that we make may suffer due to the consequences of our actions.
Because life is short we like to make plans for our retirement. But, what about planning, for where we will spend eternity? Some would say that when we die that’s it, we just fail to exist. The reality is different – when we die we will either spend eternity in hell and torment or we will spend eternity in heaven.

The wages of sin is death so that’s hell, that’s the sting of death. But, if we repent of our sins Jesus will forgive us our sins, so that’s heaven.

There is a story of a father and his daughter going for a picnic. The daughter suffers from a violent reaction to a bee sting. While they were picnicking, a bee flies by and the daughter panics, the father reacts and catches the bee in his hand. After a little while the father opens his hand and the bee flies away. Why did you let it go panics the daughter? The father opens his hand to show the bee’s sting imbedded into his palm. That’s what Jesus did when He died and rose again; He took away the sting of death and opened the way to heaven. He did it so that you could join Him.