A blank page, a late entry, a sudden realisation something wasn’t done, an ‘Oh No’ moment. Sometimes life has a way of just taking over and as I write the temperatures are soaring and are doing nothing for my addled brain, but we plod on!

Did you see the meteorite shower last month? It was rather too late for me to stay up, although I did see what I would term a ‘shooting star’ just before going to bed. The thing that amazed me was the fact that I could actually hear it. I was so excited. It sounded just like a rocket firework taking off and it caused me to wonder at God’s universe and His greatness.

While we are all so busy getting on with our lives here on earth, never seeming to get everything done that we want to get done, magnificent things are happening all around us, all orchestrated by the all-powerful living God. Just how does He do it; shooting stars, amazing sunsets, gushing winds. He sends rain to fertilize the soil with nitrogen and just one of the questions He has for Job is “Have you ever travelled to where snow is made, to where it is stock piled for times of trouble?”, to say nothing of the spectacular stars that play their music all day long. God knows them all by name; billions of them.

As majestic as God is, He is still in the business of coming down to earth to this very place you are, at this very moment. Any place can become the house of God; even the chair you are sitting in as you read these words. In an ordinary place or an ordinary moment you never know where He’ll show up next. God is closer than you think.

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