A Happy Memory
Shopping! Do you enjoy it? I used to.

As a child and then later when our girls were old enough, we would drag Derek into town shopping most Saturdays. Often it would involve a meal out and it seems that we always returned home with arms full of shopping bags. How we managed to find so much to purchase every week I’m not sure!

The excitement came when on our return we sat exhausted with a cup of tea and cake and set to unwrapping all our purchases, trying on various articles anxious to know if they would fit or even suit us. Our youngest daughter had a penchant for stationery and couldn’t wait to try out all her new pens and erasers. It was a delight to watch the proceedings. Even Derek would have something new. These days the only shopping he likes involves food!

There we sat admiring everything we had purchased. Did we really need so much stuff?

Recently I wondered just what Jesus thinks regarding His purchase of me. When He strips me of all my packaging, what does He see and how does He feel, after all He paid the highest price there was when He bought me. It cost Him His life.Does He take delight in watching my proceedings unfold? I have to admit I’m not always too happy with the way things go sometimes and often feel I have let Him down again.
I do know one thing for sure. He is excited about welcoming me home, even though I’m not all that I’m cracked up to be.
You know what? He is equally as excited about welcoming you home, because He bought you too. He paid the highest price there was for each and every one of us. John 3:16.

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