Who said that?
Well who’s me?
I am.
Just listen.
Ok ok, I’m listening.
No you’re not you just keep talking
I’m sorry, I’ll try not to prattle on, but you know me it’s hard not to.
Be still.
I am still, I’m sitting, legs dangling over the edge of my bed, just waiting to hear……..
No I mean BE STILL.

Have you ever wondered how God speaks to people? I have read so much recently about this very subject and heard so many people say, “God told me.”

You hear folk talk about having had an epiphany; well maybe!
I hear God talking through a friend who gives encouragement in the everyday things; the beauty of a flower, a sunset or bird song; mostly through reading His word and recently in a dream, though at the time I hadn’t realised that was the case.

It never ceases to amaze me that something I have had concerns about is answered through my daily reading. I have to say I don’t always realise that I have been given the answer. Sometimes it takes a while for the penny to drop, but when it does I get quite excited, just to know that the Lord is talking to me and actually wants a conversation with me. Why should He bother? I let Him down so often and I forget to say thank you too.

It’s all too easy to take God for granted. We run a shopping list through our heads not even consciously talking with Him, thinking that’s ok, God will sort that now. Do we wait on His reply or do we just assume?

Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and I know that I am God”. He must hurt greatly when He witnesses our frantic lives. We are just too busy to be still and listen and yet He never gives up on us.

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