I was sitting appreciating the beauty of God’s creation; the mountains, blue skies, trees and flowers, amazing perfumes and the birds singing, thinking to myself how perfect everything was. I had to wonder why God decided to create man. I kind of thought that was where His downfall was. Did He really know what He was doing?

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for man, the creation would be a perfect place. We are a blot on the landscape! It’s not as if He didn’t know what man would do and yet He still created us. Why?

I love the way David Kossoff tells it:

God was feeling pretty bored and lonely and He decided He needed to do something, so why not make a world? “That will keep Me occupied” and He was delighted with the results, but when it was completed He was still lonely.

Seeing His own reflection, He thought, “I’ll make someone to talk to – a man. He can look like Me. He made him a companion too. God loved to walk in the garden He’d created for them and they would talk together – no longer lonely.

Right back from the beginning of time God showed us how we needed each other to talk with, to bring us comfort and support; someone to share our joys with.

There are times when you only find answers you seek in the company of God and His people. Hebrews 10: 24-25 encourages us to spur one another on and to not give up meeting together. When that happens we are reminded that we are on the winning side and it’s a celebration. After all, it’s difficult to celebrate on your own.

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