When our grandson was quite small, still crawling around, able only to say a few words, (so we thought), he got himself into a position in our kitchen where he just could not turn around, so he sat there and just said ‘Stuck’.
We stood with our mouths open! How did he know such a word?
Have you ever walked into a maze and felt just that; ‘Stuck’, not knowing whether to turn right or left, go forward or back track? Life seems very much like that doesn’t it, especially at this time? With Brexit and COVID you wonder where all this is leading.

If a person was to stand above the maze they would be able to see clearly just which way they needed to go and give directions to you so that you could become ‘Unstuck’. Would we follow their directives, or would we just say, “It’s OK thanks; I can manage!! I’m pretty sure we would be more than willing to follow their advice, as by this time we would be starting to panic somewhat.

I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I think to myself, “Why did I do that? I’m now well and truly ‘Stuck’”, but am I?
This was a choice I made, maybe caused by something someone said or did, or because of a consequence. Maybe it was an easy way out.
Do I really want to make an effort to make that situation better? Can I even be bothered?

I think I’ll just stay ‘Stuck’ in a rut. It’s easier that way, or should I listen to Jesus’ instructions? He does have a vantage point. He is above the maze and can see everything. He so much wants us to get ‘Unstuck’.
Jesus has other ideas for us, far beyond anything we can imagine. Will you take the challenge and discover what He has to offer?
Be assured; He won’t leave you to do it on your own.
Get ‘Unstuck’.

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