I possess an implement for creating plant pots from paper, on it is written “tiny acorns make mighty oaks”. Similarly, a tiny mustard seed measuring 1 to 2 millimetres, the smallest in the plant kingdom, grows to become a plant which can reach 30 ft. tall. Recently I was challenged by someone who said we each have a story to tell and I thought yeah but mine would be boring.

There are those who seem to have many exciting and amusing anecdotes to recall regarding their story and I do admire the way others are able to bring a certain amount of comedy into a situation. 

In comparison mine seems pretty uninspiring, not overly encouraging for others to want to know more about Jesus. 

I can’t claim to have received what others call a ‘Damascus road experience’. I grew up in a Christian home and seem to have always known Jesus as my friend. 

I guess it would be almost impossible to tell the whole story so maybe opting to paint a picture would be a good start. But what about in God’s eyes? He loves me, He is delighted whenever I speak to Him or of Him to others. 

My soul aim is to please God but sadly I also feel at times that I fall far short. He is constantly reminding me of His love for me. I need not worry. He knows my heart and like the tiny mustard seed all the things I consider to be small and inconsequential that I do for Him in my life will one day grow to fulfil the purpose He has for me.  

A friend once said he used to be envious of the way in which others were able to speak so freely but realised that God gives us all different gifts and that he should use them to his best ability otherwise someone might just miss out.

 A lesson for us all.

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