We awoke to a complete blanket of mist surrounding the garden; or was it fog? I could see the trees in the meadow, but no further. The mountains on the other side of the valley that are normally part of my morning view were completely obliterated. It was as if a curtain had been dropped around us, but strangely inside that curtain there was a brightness and the sun was shining. After the rain that we had recently had, everything was sparkling and the colours were so much more vibrant.

It put me in the mind of how God surrounds us with His protection, especially when the enemy uses his cunning methods to leer us along the wrong paths. Psalm 138 assures us, verse 7 says “Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life.”

One of the words that has become much used, especially in the UK since the pandemic hit us all, seems to be the word ‘bubble’; brought about to help those living on their own, to engage with another such person for encouragement and friendship. That was just how I felt that morning; as though the Lord had wrapped us up in a bubble; a bubble of protection. He was there to encourage us to show us that in Him we would be able to find a brightness through His Love and grace that He pours out on all those who believe and trust in Him. 

“Everything in the garden was rosy.” How often have we heard that said and yet life’s not easy at the moment is it and we wonder where it will all end?

As a believer in Jesus, we are promised a new life covered under the protection of God in which NOTHING can separate us from His love.

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