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A different way of doing ‘church’

Will we never learn?

Are you a disciplined person? It was easy wasn’t it when as a child you were told, “No you can’t have another biscuit”, but now; well you have to discipline yourself. It’s not so easy, especially with that bar of chocolate sitting in the fridge winking at you each time you open the door.

Then I think about a song I learnt as a child, get thee behind me Satan get thee away…… “I’m going to be a Christian soldier and I’m learning how to pray.” You know it works every time because I then can’t take the chocolate, so if I really want a piece I don’t sing it!

A while back when my grandson was staying, he told me he thought I was quite strict; much more so than his other grandmother. When challenged about it, he told me it wasn’t a problem because he knew where he stood and he liked that.

Is this where we have gone wrong? Do we overlook maybe even minor things for a quiet life, or are we so wrapped up in what we are doing we just can’t be bothered?

Recently I have been reading about how the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years because of their disobedience and then how they crossed the River Jordan to the Promised Land. Once there, things weren’t so easy either because they had to fight for the land; none of it was handed to them on a plate. Read about it in Numbers through to Joshua. Throughout it all they had to obey what God told them to do and when they didn’t, they suffered the consequences.

As we consider the past few weeks it all sounds so familiar doesn’t it. One person’s actions can affect us all. Thank goodness that we have a forgiving Lord!

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