Don’t be afraid!

You know what, I fell asleep in my garden; again! The birds were singing. Actually they were creating a bit of a racket, but that didn’t matter and what is it that smells so wonderful? At this time of the year it’s probably the jasmine and maybe the Daturas. The trees rustle in the pleasant gentle breeze lulling me to sleep as the sun warms my face and my eyelids suddenly become heavy. Such contentment! What more could anyone ask for……?

This time when I awoke the garden was different. It was by far superior to my garden. The trees were still rustling and the birds were still singing their praises, but in the distance there was other harmonious singing too and as for the flowers, well they surpassed anything I have ever grown! So much beauty. All my favourites are here and I have a lot of favourites; different ones at different times of the year; so many coordinating colours all placed to complement each other – none of it clashing. Each one has been planted in just the right position from the tallest to the shortest so that you can appreciate every plant in all its splendour, creating a perfect tapestry. Everything is just perfect.

This gardener, whoever he might be, certainly knows what they are doing.

The sun still warms my face and the balmy breeze brings with it the intoxicating perfumes of the garden. I could happily spend all my days here. This is no ordinary garden. I must go in search of the gardener to find out more.

Then it dawned on me just where I was!

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