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A different way of doing ‘church’

Isaiah 40:6-7

Some pour out gold from their bags
and weigh out silver on the scales;
they hire a goldsmith to make it into a god,
and they bow down and worship it.
They lift it to their shoulders and carry it;
they set it up in its place, and there it stands.

From that spot it cannot move.
Even though someone cries out to it, it cannot answer;

it cannot save them from their troubles.

This was a part of my devotional reading today and it got me thinking. These people paid with their hard/earned money for a god to be made that they could talk to.

Problem: – this god was dead, made from materialistic objects, gold and silver melted down into a shape or form; something that they could see, or put on the mantel piece. It doesn’t say how big it was, but they could lift it onto their shoulders to carry it. Maybe it depended on how much gold and silver you had in the first place as to how big your god would be.

I am just so thankful that I have no need to worry how much gold and silver I have. You know why? It’s because my God is so big that He sent His son to pay for what I needed most; salvation. I didn’t have to pay a single penny, He loved me that much.

Oh I can’t see Him sat on my mantel piece, but I see Him every day helping me work through any problems. I don’t have to put my God on my shoulders to carry Him. In fact, quite the reverse. God puts me on His shoulders and carries me and what’s more when I cry out He listens and answers me.

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