I sat in the hairdressers, one hand hanging on to my mask and the other my hearing aids while having my hair washed. It’s become a way of life, this wearing of masks, with not a chance of lip reading and I can’t say it sits well with me. 

Will we ever get back to normal, when we can recognise folk and they will see us smiling at them and it won’t sound like a complete jumble when they talk to us?

“You didn’t mean it to be like this, did you Lord?” went through my mind.

I’m reminded of another time long ago in the Garden of Eden when everything was perfect – no need for masks or hearing aids. There you were enjoying the company of those you had created, chatting with them in the cool of the evening. They just had to spoil it.

The serpent suddenly entered their lives. His lies were convincing and just as suddenly, they were talking and listening to the serpent instead of the one who created them. Suddenly they were aware of their nakedness and their lack of freedom and so they hid from you. Isn’t that what has happened to us many years down the line?

We thought we knew better, thought, “We can handle this. Everything is under control.”

How wrong can we be! The only one in control is the one who created us and the universe and we have gone our own way and turned our backs on Him. We have forgotten that He gave us life and breath when all He wanted was a relationship with us and that we might praise and glorify His name. 

You didn’t mean it to be like this, did you Lord!

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