I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!

I have missed writing my article!  I am not sure how a whole month has passed since I last wrote. Now I need some inspiration and a little help. Usually I have been pondering over a few weeks as to what to write about; not this time. Stop the waffle and get on with it!

As you know, a lot of the fellowships have been holding their Sunday meetings on Zoom, but here at Welcome House we opted to contact folk by email with a message and a song on the same days and times we would normally hold our gatherings; that being, a Sunday and Tuesday morning as not everyone is able to access Zoom. Hopefully we will be able to start meeting together again soon.

What has amazed me, is that on at least three occasions the topic I have written about for that very morning has also been the one of the Zoom service. This is truly confirmation I feel of the message that the Lord is endeavouring to get folk to take on board.

The Psalms have come very much to the forefront over these past few months, maybe because we can find such hope and comfort in reading them.

In my little book of Psalms for today, there are no less than 39 different topics covered, each one relevant to our daily lives and there is a section on praise and worship. Often we come to the Lord with our shopping list of wants and almost as an afterthought we remember to spend time in worship, so when we are lost for words, what about Psalm 100:4? There’s even a song been written about this one:

‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name’.

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