A new year, a new beginning and new resolutions. Let’s start afresh.

When you enter some wrong numbers into your calculator, what do you do? There is a little button called ‘clear entry’ that lets you erase your mistakes and start over again. That’s what the blood of Jesus does. 

Repentance allows you to override sin by triggering God’s forgiveness, so that the flow of His grace continues and when grace flows, growth follows. 

Grace is about giving us what we don’t deserve and mercy is about not giving us what we do deserve.

As the year starts, why not take stock and reflect on all the ways that God answered our prayers throughout the last year?  Sometimes they were in ways which didn’t even seem possible.

You might think “I didn’t ask God for anything. He’s got nothing to do with the way things turned out.”

Stop for a moment and think again. Did you share a confidence with someone and did they say “I’ll pray for you.” Maybe someone prayed for healing for you. You may not even have been aware that they were doing so. God will honour that person’s prayer and work within that situation and guess what; God hasn’t finished there. He knew you before you were even born and His greatest wish is for you to get to know Him and accept Him as your Saviour. When you do, tell someone about it. Don’t keep it to yourself. There will be great celebrations in Heaven and they will want to encourage and share in it with you. Read about it in Luke 15:7. 

Why not press the clear entry button, cancel your mistakes and start over again? I can guarantee you the rewards are well worth it.

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