Who says? 

I wonder, do you remember the blessing boxes that I wrote about? It’s good to reflect back sometimes.

Just what were they?

Well the idea was to place a note in a box each time that God had blessed us.

Being unable to go very far these past months, I came up with different ways to still get some exercise; both physically and mentally. One of these was to go on a wiggle around our garden – at least seven laps each time and what a blessing that turned out to be. It stirred up a new awareness of my surroundings and of the beauty of God’s creation, which we do seem to take very much for granted. There was so much to thank the Lord for;

Being able to hear the birds singing.

My sense of smell, (sometimes not so pleasant like the septic tank), but it was soon outranked by the amazing fragrance of the jasmin, followed by the roses and so many other flowering plants.

Picking the first strawberry. My mouth is watering thinking about the flavour.

The welcoming touch of another – how we have all missed being able to do that.

There’s been time to ‘take time’. Try it. Imagine yourself in a story, maybe about Jesus inviting you to share with Him anything that is on your mind. Then listen to what He has to say. Hear Him speak your name and rest in God’s presence.

Have you filled your box yet?

How much did it cost?


Wishing for you A Happy New Year. May you be truly blessed and find favour in the Lord.

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