A conversation between a mother and her son:

“You can’t tell me that God can use a life that has been so buckled out of shape from his original mould. I am rotten to the core. I’m certainly no saint.”

“I don’t understand it either, but the bible says God’s ways are not our ways.  Give me your wallet.”


“I just want to show you something. This will do.  What is this?”

“That’s a stupid question.  It’s a 20€ note.”

“Just humour me. What can you buy with it?”

“In Spain, double the amount of wine than in the UK for one thing. What’s your point?”

Crunching the note into a tiny ball she asks again. “What is this?”

“It’s still a 20€ note.”

“And what can you buy with it?”

Exasperated, he replies, “The same wine as before.”

Taking the balled note, she dips it into his coffee then grinds it into the floor.

“Mum!” He shouts

Chuckling, she picks up the note and asks. “What’s this?”

“It’s still 20€ and I can still buy more wine here than in the UK.”

Straightening it out, tearing it almost all the way through, she holds it by one corner just out of reach. Her son says, “Hey! That’s my money and it’s still 20€ that will pay for my wine quota. So what is your point?”

It doesn’t matter how you have been bruised, crushed or torn apart by life, you are still everything that God created you to be. You haven’t lost an ounce of worth in His eyes.  All He asks is that you will surrender your life into His hands so that He can heal you. The big question is – Will you do that – please?

Apologies to all who heard this at Christmas!

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Yew Year.

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