As I write this we have just celebrated Christmas and New Year, so both are still very much on my mind. Why is it that so many folk want to do away with what Christmas is truly all about? 

For centuries we have celebrated this Christian tradition and suddenly we are being told not to do so for fear of upsetting someone else’s beliefs. Admittedly it may be unlikely that Jesus was actually born on that day, but it has just become a pagan holiday.

I am sure that you will have heard someone say that mas without Christ isn’t Christmas at all. Indeed just last week a speaker I was listening to at my mum’s chapel said that very thing. It struck me at the time that in Spanish we use the word mas to mean more and that the word Christmas for any believer therefore would mean more of Christ.

Before we know where we are we will be celebrating Easter, another important event in the Christian calendar.

Jesus was born to die. He willingly left His throne and His Father, fully knowing the suffering He would endure. That’s how much He loved us. 

Are we worthy of all that? Most definitely not!

This year, please let us have more of Christ and hold fast to our Christian beliefs.

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