The ‘F’ Word
Not, what you are most likely thinking!

According to, there are 5,055 words starting with the letter F. With so much choice, how sad that in today’s society the title has been given to a word of obscenity. Truly not worthy of such a title!
By far more so worthy, I feel, would be the word forgiveness or what about forgotten? You see they go hand in hand really.

Because of what Christ did for me and come to that matter for you also, when He died on the cross, I am completely forgiven of all the things I have done and said which I feel ashamed of and would prefer to forget about; past, present and future.

Didn’t He say “Forgive them for they know not what they do” when He was hanging on the cross?

One man died for ‘everyone’. That puts us all in the same boat. Anyone united with Jesus gets a fresh start. The old life is gone and a new life emerges. God has given the world a fresh start by offering ‘forgiveness of sins’ and He has given us the responsibility of telling everyone.

Then the reality, which I find astounding, is that once forgiven, Christ then forgets about it, never to be recalled.

I wonder how often we say, maybe to a loved one, “I forgive you” and then remind them later on, if only in a teasing manner?

God put the wrong on Jesus who never did any wrong, just so that we could be put right with God. How do you feel about getting a fresh start?

Excerpts from The Message.

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