A different way of doing ‘church’

What does this mean?

A God Moment – recently a person challenged me to think about the God moments in my life. Folk tell me they recognise something that has happened as being the hand of God at work. If I’m honest I can’t say that I’m that perceptive; maybe in hindsight, but not at the time of happening. 

I guess I’m always anxious about what’s happening next to think too deeply about what’s going on in the here and now. Derek’s always muttering I’m thinking about the next job instead of concentrating on the one in hand; think it’s called multi-tasking, which as I get older I find I’m not so good at. The job in hand becomes boring if there isn’t something to get the brain matter going, don’t you feel?

As I write, I have to wonder at how much of an injustice I am doing the Lord in not recognising at the time the truly amazing situations He has placed me in over the years.

When do God moments occur? Is it just when you are in church amongst devout Christians? I don’t think so!

Looking back, I remember being at my wit’s end, desperately praying about something that happened in the day-to-day mill of life; maybe not finding the answer, but certainly a peace that it’s all under control:

When both of our daughters, at different times, underwent surgery.

When the eldest one was getting married and the dress of her dreams seemed to be out of the question

When our grandson was born prematurely.

What about the nervous lady I tried to assure whilst shaking in my boots myself?

God sent her to take my mind off myself – God moments in everyday life.

Being sanctified means to be separated for the exclusive use of the Lord. If I remember this, maybe I will be more in tune with my ‘God moments’.

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