The story goes:
She hired a plumber to help her. He’d had a rough day, then come home-time his truck refused to start, so she drove him home. He sat in stony silence. On arriving he invited her to meet his family. Near the front door was a tree and he touched the tips with his fingers and put a smile on his face as he entered the house.
When he walked her back to the car she asked about the tree. He called it ‘his trouble tree’. My work troubles can’t be helped, but they don’t belong in my home where my family are, so every night I just hang them up on the tree asking God to take care of them. Funny, but when I come out in the morning and pick them up again there aren’t nearly as many as I remember hanging up the night before!

Moral of the story?

If we were to talk to Jesus about our troubles He would help us work through them.
This Christmas will be very different. For many folk they will worry about visiting family, buying their gifts and of course the all-important turkey.
I have heard that scientists are suggesting we have our celebrations in the middle of summer. I wonder what they would say if someone suggested they forget their birthday for six months and do we just change the calendar so that the New Year starts in June? They seem to miss the fact that Christ-mas is about celebrating the birth of the Saviour of the world.
Maybe this year in the quietness we will truly be able to spend more time pondering on that very fact.

May your Christmas be truly meaningful and blessed.

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