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Just four letters and not a very big word, yet it says so much.

An important little word.

Interestingly I have heard it uttered by non-Christians and Christians alike as an endorsement of something spoken. Somehow it seems to show a powerfully strong response of agreement and one not to be questioned. Usually it is written at the end of something; an affirmation, so why then begin with it?

For whatever reason, the word just leapt out at me one day and has been on my mind ever since causing me to look more closely at its meaning.

It is said that it means ‘so be it’. At the end of a prayer it serves as an agreement with the content of what has been spoken; of God’s faithfulness and of a belief that one’s faith in God will be upheld.

It is often murmured automatically in a flippant manner, without much thought and at such times one should take heed as to what one is endorsing, or when one is overwhelmed and unable to express one’s feelings about what has been said.

It can be a word used in praise.  At such times, it evokes feelings so strong that it needs to be uttered more than once, emphasizing the authority with which Christ spoke. It constitutes a significant part of Jesus teaching about himself. He often used the word at the start of what He had to say, showing His special authority and in Revelation, the last book in the Bible, Jesus is described as being ‘The Amen’.

Christmas is approaching, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, a tiny vulnerable baby who became ‘The Great Amen’; a small baby, a small word, a huge love for you and for me.

Another year is almost over.  Are we able to say Amen to all that has happened in it?

Can I urge you this Christmas to ponder on where we would be if it were not for the love and great sacrifice of ‘The Amen’.

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas

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