Have you ever tried surfing? I’m not a very good swimmer, however two of my grandchildren are and they love all kinds of water sports. I would love to have the confidence to ride a wave and manage to stand straight on a board and glide into land. I used to water ski many moons ago and found it very exhilarating.

Of course these days the word ‘surfing’ has a very different connotation and I am guessing a whole lot more of us take part in it. My grandchildren certainly do a great deal of it.

Did you know that you can be stung by a wasp after you have killed it, or that the average human tongue has 10,000 taste buds?

These days you can find out almost anything if you ‘SURF’ the net; all those questions that you suddenly wonder about, but you need to put in the correct question in the first place. Sometimes it doesn’t understand your questions and suggests asking it in a different way. At this point I usually think ‘I can’t make it more obvious’.

Do you know what, I am just so glad that it doesn’t matter how many questions or how I present them to God, or even when I own up to not knowing what to say, He always understands. Unlike my lack of confidence to ‘surf’ the waves, I have complete confidence that God always works for my good when He answers my prayers. Maybe they are not always the answers I would like, but I am mindful that He sees the bigger picture and His plans for me are to ‘prosper me and not to harm me; plans to give me a hope and a future.’ — Jeremiah 29:11.

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