We have just watched the finale episode of season two called ‘The Chosen’. An epic series on YouTube, you can also download an app so that you can watch it on TV. 

It’s about a young man making his way in life as a carpenter; hard work in any day and age trying to make a crust for himself and keep a roof over his head, but that didn’t stop him being a friend to whoever he met. 

The children particularly loved him and the toys that he fashioned. At first they thought him a little strange, but unlike most of the older folk, he always had time for them and would tell amazing stories. He roamed the countryside looking for work, meeting many people. One day his whole life changed. 

He’d been invited to a wedding. It was to be a big event and he took with him some of his friends he had gathered around himself along the way. They had stood by him on his journeys, but they were a rum lot… They each were very different and came from all walks of life; some with very little means, but then there were others who had been well educated. He had chosen each one especially, because of their individual characters and they spent many hours together talking.

Anyway, back to the wedding! There were great celebrations with lots of dancing, eating and drinking; that was until the wine ran out!  The host was desperate and had no idea what to do. It so happens that the young man’s mother was also there and asked him if he could help out and that was when everything changed!

A cliff hanger? Maybe! Why not watch it and find out what happened. Start with season one. You never know, you just might end up one of the young man’s chosen friends.

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