It was the last place I looked and there it was! 

How often do we say that? Of course it was! Once you’ve found it why keep on looking.

What is it that we are looking for?

In a lot of cases I would say the answer might be lack of anxiety, or put another way Peace!

We are well blessed with this beautiful world in which we live and yet there are those that are in war-torn areas, others without a roof over their heads and precious little food to eat.

The world is looking for peace, so how do we find this peace? 

We look in all the wrong places; money and relationships to name but a few. Look no further, you can receive this peace and it’s free.

You hear so much about folk being stressed out, but did you know that anxiety is not a condition; it’s a choice and I’m no-one to talk because I am a dreadful worrier.

God never uses fear against us, but our level of peace depends on how closely we walk with Jesus. 

What you put your eyes on determines your peace. If we ask the Lord for peace, He will grant it. The devil cannot work in the presence of God, but without faith, our prayers will be no more than griping at God. At the end of our prayer we won’t feel any better. Prayer doesn’t work if you don’t transfer the burden and leave it with the Lord, trusting Him and offering Him our thanks and praise.

Matthew 5:9 says ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’

If we are at peace we will be truly blessed.

Will Jesus be the last place that you look?

He is the Prince of peace! 

Peace be with you.

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