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The Life Of A Tree

There stands outside my bedroom window an amazing tree. It serves to hide an electricity pylon primarily, but it does so much more and although deciduous, it still manages to keep my interest all year through; always telling a story about God’s creation. Despite the winds, it shimmies and chassés and almost performs a pirouette, all of it moving together as if it were a ballroom gown; just one piece showing to the world how strong it is. It is quite delightful to watch and reminds me of Isaiah 55:12 ‘the trees of the field will clap their hands’. Here of course the trees are a representation of God’s people rejoicing.

I am not on my own when it comes to my love of it, so do the birds.  Derek calls it my personal aviary. Each morning I lie in bed trying to spot all the different varieties of birds busily eating the new shoots, considering the way in which God provides and if He provides for birds how much more will he provide for me. In spring I am rewarded with beautiful, sweetly perfumed clusters of lime green flowers fading to a delicate cream colour which carpets the floor beneath. When in full leaf it is home to nesting birds and it’s not happy to give up its leaves too early either.

What a resume. Could I match this?

As we approach Easter think about the fact that it was a tree that formed the cross of Jesus. Christ enlists the help of the tree to provide salvation for all who believe and we are filled with the hope for eternal life.  

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