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A different way of doing “church”

I was recently challenged by two different folk who couldn’t be further apart, distance-wise. Their view points came from different angles causing me to consider how earnestly I praise God each day. One asked “What you do on Sundays; does it have to be on Sundays?” The other asked “Is Jesus just for Sundays?”

Praise and worship, doesn’t just have to happen on Sundays.
Isn’t Sunday a day of rest? Why get up at some unearthly hour making sure all’s ready for morning service?
I like my bed! A lay-in sounds good.
If God rested on the seventh day, why shouldn’t I?
What then of the rest of the week?
Actually I’m rather busy. Organising praise and worship during the week might be difficult!

Where does that leave us?
Precious little time for Jesus!

He got His work done in six days, resting on the seventh.

God’s work was totally unselfish, spending six days creating a beautiful world for us to live in and to share fellowship with Him. He praised it saying it was very good.
On the seventh day He rested, blessed the day and made it Holy.
If it’s good enough for God to say it is very good and offer praise each day, it follows that Jesus isn’t just for Sundays.
How much greater though is the sound of praise when everyone does it together on the same day; so why not Sunday?
Imagine a choir with just a few folk; then think about a full Welsh male voice choir. The impact would be so much greater. That is why God created us, to glorify and praise His name, individually and as a whole.

As Easter approaches, may we join together, lifting the roof off in praise of Him, who gave up so much to give us, so much more.

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Welcome House can be found at 3A Campillio y Suertes, Cehegin