Group t shirts
Group t shirts

Our walking season is now in full flow and after the extended high temperatures over the summer, we were worried that the first walk on 24th September would be too hot. No chance! In true Spanish style it had to be hastily re-routed due to heavy rain causing a landslide in the area where the walk was planned. In the end the WARM walk was from Cehegín on the Via Verde towards Bullas. SWARM did a shorter route in the other direction towards Caravaca. It was a huge amount of walking for Jane, Allen and Sue. The SWARM group explored 8km of forest near Bullas on 28th September. A group of them posed for a promotional photograph modelling our new t-shirts. 

Agile Walk Leader
Agile Walk Leader

Our first walk in October was an old favourite starting at the campsite in Moratalla as it heads up the river. It is quite challenging and you need to be fit and agile to clamber over the rocks in the first part of the walk. There is a 5-metre-wide stream to cross. Some people just waded over, hoping their Gore-Tex boots really were waterproof.

Spot the rucksack thrower
Spot the rucksack thrower

Others took their boots off and put on varying styles of footwear. All was going fine until B crossed and then his wife (also B) remembered her plastic bags to cover her shoes were in the rucksack. Hubby decided to throw the rucksack over to his wife, but in his enthusiasm it went high into the air landing further downstream in fast running water.  Thankfully Carla retrieved it, but its owner was very upset at his failure to direct his throw. Next time we do this walk we might have a rucksack throwing competition!

Horseshoe whipsnake
Horseshoe whipsnake

SWARM were out in force again on 5th October when Kevin and Tina led a 10k walk at the Cenajo Reservoir. Wildlife was in abundance with Mouflon goats, Griffin Vultures and even a small snake.

The final walk is another favourite – the three rivers walk at Moratalla. Some people repeat it every year, but there are always newbies and their first walk gives them some stunning scenery amidst the Moratalla countryside. One of the new people on the route this year was a WARM regular who lives in Moratalla and had never done the walk. It’s often the case that you don’t always appreciate what is on your doorstep. 

My final reflection this month is that I completed 30 miles in the 30 days of September – a sponsorship challenge for Dementia Care UK. As a regular walker, 30 miles is no distance, but what I set out to do was walk about a mile each day and do it purposefully and mindfully.  I mainly walked around our beautiful village listening to the early morning sounds and seeing things I don’t usually notice. I raised £200 and was drawn to it after hearing about two of my rugby favourites who have developed dementia in their early forties. 

Forthcoming Walks


  • 5th – Rambla de Charrara – WARM
  • 9th – Mula – SWARM    
  • 12th – Los Bebedores – WARM
  • 16th – Bullas – SWARM
  • 19th – Caves of Zaen – WARM
  • 23rd – Campo de Ricote – SWARM
  • 26th – El Berro – WARM
  • 30th – Ojos – SWARM


  • 3rd – Cabezo de la Fuente – WARM
  • 7th – Casas Nuevas – SWARM
  • 10th – Garruchal – WARM
  • 17th – El Castellar – WARM

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