We have had a fabulous end to the 2022-23 season, with five walks since I wrote in the last edition. I managed to walk three of the walks this time and was leader for one of those. I missed the final walk of the season as I was completing one of the Camino routes leading to Santiago de Compostela. 

Let’s work backwards.

The final walk of the WARM season was quite short for a WARM walk and it was a fun trip walking up the canyon and in the Rio Chicamo, which, given the April temperatures, was welcomed. 

On 26th April David led a small group of SWARMers around the southern side of El Castellar in Bullas for the final SWARM walk of the season.

In the Rio Chicamo

On 22nd April Martin took us through the pine forest of La Faricola in the Ricote Valley. It was a tough first 5km, with three steepish climbs and it will be remembered for a very different reason as there were hordes of small emerald-green flies that were attracted to white. Bad news for those wearing our WARM t-shirts! I carried a cake to the picnic spot to surprise Chris and we managed a croaky rendition of Happy Birthday!

Fabulous house near Casas Nuevas

On Wednesday 19th April David thought he had a group of eight for a gentle stroll along the Via Verde. 3 people made a wrong turn and headed towards La Paca and decided to call it a day. Then we were five! We set out walking and got a call to say one of the lost people had arrived and they were coming to join us. We turned round and walked back towards the start and there was no sign of the walker. We realised she had gone the wrong way and David’s wife Rose had gone in search of her. One walker went home amidst the confusion. Then we were four! We found the lost walker and Rose and the six of us decided to walk towards Cehegin to a café and back. I became substitute leader as David accompanied Rose who had recently had a hip replacement. After our refreshments, we left Rose and Pamela at the café and then we were four! It felt like an Ealing comedy!!

Begastri on Via Verde

The final walk I want to talk about was one I led with Chris from our beautiful village of Casas Nuevas. One of our Facebook group commented “We had a FABULOUS hike in the Espuña near Casas Nuevas today! Great weather, terrain, views, altogether and 1,079 feet of climbing.”  It was incredibly hot and the last 3km had very little shade, so we swiftly changed the route back and left most of the group at our local bar Colombinos while the men went for the cars. A testing 17km, but the views and the beer made it worthwhile.

That’s it until next season. We have a break from walking and will be back in the autumn with a full moon walk. 

For details email warm200mail.com