Pre-covid Memories!

Well here we are again; another month on and so far no changes to the rules about COVID. However, we have been busy on other fronts and I thought it would be good to update you on our work as an association.
We have only one formal requirement and that is to have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which needs one third of the voting members present. Voting members are those who have paid their annual subscription of 5€ and for 2019-2020 we had 93, so we needed to gather at least 31 people together. This of course is impossible with the current maximum of six people allowed to meet.

Mince Pie Anyone?

We have had to be very creative and hold a ‘virtual’ AGM. However, in a moment of madness we did think about a Zoom-type affair, but decided it might be great to keep in touch with family and friends, but beyond most of us to co-ordinate a meeting. We distributed all of the relevant paperwork and got people to email their approval of the accounts and new committee appointments. This at least fulfils our obligations.

We are saying goodbye and a huge thank you to Fiona Still, Treasurer and Steve Still, vocal.

Karin getting ready for a shot!

Our President Jessica O’Hanlon said in her report “I want to express my personal thanks to Fiona Still and Steve Still for their support and work over the last few years. They were inaugural members as we evolved into an association, enabling us all, amongst other things, to have the reassurance of insurance cover whilst out walking.”

We welcome David Hayden, as vocal and Karin van Houten as Treasurer. David is famous for his festive baking and also a photographer. Karin is a very keen photographer and her work has graced the pages of this publication. We look forward to their input into our work as we move forward.

Amazing Rocks

Our first October walk would have taken us to Bolvonegro, a firm favourite in the WARM calendar and it includes the Iberian settlement of ‘Los Molinicos’. The path follows the River Alhárabe with fabulous rock formations from this area of petrified beaches. Open areas of hillside emerge covered in esparto grass before you come to a small bridge, a fabulous place for stunning photographs. If you want to do this walk it is featured in our book Walking in the Region of Murcia. If you send us an email to we can give you a list of stockists. Local tourist offices may also have leaflets of walks and there is a wealth of resources online. Sadly there are very few maps with sufficient detail to help with planning walks.

We are thinking about how we might to be able to tentatively start to walk in small groups, but this is at a very early stage. We also wondered whether Costa Cálida Chronicle readers had any favourite walks that we might include in our programme. Please contact us at and our team might be keen to try out your walk.