The road over the River Segura was blocked by a landslide, cleared and opened, closed because it was dangerous and then finally reopened after repairs had been done, but WARMers still managed to find their way up to the north side of the Campo de Ricote for the first two walks of the new season.

On Saturday 21st September we decided to split the 27 walkers into two groups and have one group follow the high road up to a summit in the Sierra de Ricote range (14km up to a peak of 895mtr) and the other, the low road (a variation of the Full Moon Walk which many had missed or hadn’t seen because it was too dark). Bob and Bridget kindly shepherded 21 people on the shorter 7km route and very few remained in the local bar when over two hours later, Martin eventually returned with the high road trekkers.

On the following Saturday the second walk was led by first time guides Angela and Les. Their route was planned for the lower slopes of the Sierra de Oro (South side) and included two ramblas, so although a fortnight had passed since the gota fria there was still an unusual amount of water for us to skip alongside. Our novice leaders took everything in their stride and despite the weekend’s return to high temperatures, they professionally shepherded everybody through a very enjoyable experience, occasionally taking alternative shortcuts to avoid some of the trickier terrain. They’d even been out beforehand in order to place stepping stones in convenient places! At the end of the walk the very happy and thirsty walkers were invited back to our leaders’ home where we all cooled down in the shade and enjoyed some extremely welcome fodder.

Walks in November (all Saturdays):

  • 2nd Bob & Bridget – Caves of Zaén
  • 16th Tina & Kevin – Cenajo Reservoir
  • 23rd Alfonso – Archivel/Barranda
  • 30th Norma & Chris – Casas Nuevas
  • Walks in December (both Saturdays)
  • 7th Martin & Jessica – Sa de la Pila
  • 14th David & Rose – Castellar, Bullas

Thank you to David and Karin for this month’s beautiful photos.

This will be my last article in the magazine because as I mentioned last month, we have a new secretary, Norma and she’ll be keeping you up to date in the future.

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The majority of the outings will be in the north-west of Murcia (approximately 1½ hours’ drive from the coast).